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Candle Care Bundle

Candle Care Bundle


One wick trimmer

One candle snuffer

*Matte Black Wick Trimmer*

Not only will a wick trimmer help your candle burn longer, it will also ensure an optimal, well-balanced scent diffusion, free of black smoke.

Before lighting your candle, remember to cut the wick 1/4" from the surface of the wax. Untrimmed wicks can lead to too-high flames, uneven burning, and a blend of soot and wax likely to cause black smoke that will burn fast. Trimming the wick helps candles last longer and ensures the best possible burn. This must-have tool is essential for the proper maintenance of all your candles.

*Matte Black Candle Snuffer*

Snuffing out your candle keeps the wick healthy, keeps wax from spraying, and reduces smoke and sooting. This snuffer fits seamlessly into any candle display or home decor style and keeps smoke out of the air and the soot from dirtying your vessel

Everything you need to keep your candle burning even & bright!

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